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Sunday, 26 May

The Mary How Trust

The Mary How Trust is a local charity based at The Collonades, Pulborough and offers asymptomatic health screenings to spot cancer and other life-threatening diseases early.

This excellent charity works on a 'pay what you can afford' basis inviting donations toward or beyond the 350 screening cost meaning everybody over the age of 18 has the chance to benefit from a health screening. Without doubt these screenings save lives.

Mary How died of bowel cancer aged 46. Earlier detection of this disease could have saved her life, and so the Trust was set up in 1988 in Mary's memory, to give others the chance of free health screenings.

The test includes a fit (blood) test for bowel cancer, prostate cancer, abdominal aortic aneurysm and other serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. If results reveal abnormalities, you and your GP can take immediate action. Find out more about the Mary How Trust at our website.

Mr Smith's Mary How Trust bowel cancer screening led to an urgent colonoscopy and this early intervention meant his treatment was completely successful.

"This was a lifeline that I couldn't get elsewhere. I am very grateful."

They receive no funding from the NHS. Donations, fundraising, and gifts in wills sustain their work.

'Our wonderful supporters make our service possible - helping us to transform people's lives' says Jamie Clark, Head of Fundraising, Events and Marketing.

Do check our events page for details of our forthcoming programme.


The Trust is also launching its Quiz Nights with the 'Big Spring Quiz' on Saturday 20th April in our own village hall. See details here.

If you would like to host your own event on behalf of Mary How Trust or volunteer your services please contact Jamie Clark, Head of Fundraising, Events and Marketing by email.

The Mary How Trust is where it is today - and where it will be tomorrow - because of strong support from the local community. Together, they are giving people a healthier future!

Open to all, but set up for those experiencing memory problems - the Trinity Sunshine Choir.

Meets 3rd and 29th January, 28th February, 27th March, 24th April at the Trinity Methodist Church, Thakeham Road, Storrington, RH20 3NG, 1030 - 1200.

Time for coffee, a chat and making friends as well as singing. No music scores, just the words of popular songs. Contact Robert Gamble, 07958232874.

Pulborough Medical Group

You can visit the Pulborough Medical Group website here for more information.

Help with bereavement

We have dedicated volunteers who can help - see more at the Notice Board

Horsham District Health walks


Get out and about and learn a bit more about your local area. HDC offer an excellent programme of local organised walks and you can view those walks of local interest on this Word document

Paddington Bear on his walks.

Having a break in Warnham on his riverside walk, supporting 'Action Medical Research for children'.