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Tuesday, 27 February

J D Window and Gutter Cleaning

Window, fascia and Gutter cleaning
Window, fascia and Gutter cleaning

Your local, friendly Window Cleaner.

I look after many houses in the area and would be delighted to look after yours.

My name is Jonathan Denman and I take great pride in cleaning my clients' windows. I prefer to use pure water to clean windows for a better finish, and use a pole system to allow cleaning from ground level.

I also clean fascias and use a highly effective 'Sky Vac' to clean moss and other rubbish out of your gutters. If your gutters look like this -
Window, fascia and Gutter cleaning
- you would be amazed how clean they could be! Keeping gutters free of obstructions is essential to avoid overflowing and staining.
This is the mighty 'Sky Vac' at work.
Window, fascia and Gutter cleaning
If you would like your windows (and/or gutters and fascias cleaned), why not give me call on 07496010343 or email me? I'd be pleased to come and see you.