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Wednesday, 27 October
West Chiltington - Notice Board

It's Friday - Fish and Chips! - but now it is Monday as well!

Nomads Fish and Chips tell me they have been turning away so many disappointed customers on their Friday visits (parking opposite Nisa) that they are going to come and see us on Mondays too, starting on Monday 25th October. Same location, same times - 5 until 8. Come along and see them.

You cannot beat the freshly prepared F&C! I know because I've had it and it was delicious! They will cook other items to order from the menu.

You can pre-order on 07780 764202 and have it waiting at the van when you turn up! The response in West Chiltington has been excellent - it is very popular.

You can look at the menu at Nomads

Another visitor! The Sussex Peasant

Delighted to tell you all that 'The Sussex Peasant' mobile farm shop will be with us from 28th October, parking in the Queen's Head car park from 9 until 4. If you don't know of them, they aim to promote food that is local and well farmed. You can visit their website at The Sussex Peasant. Pay them a visit, and why not pop into The Queens Head as well?

Pub Charity Quiz

Since it's start in June 2019. The weekly charity quiz which is held in The Five Bells every Tuesday at 8pm has just passed the 2000.00 mark for donations to charity. Since June 2019 Donations have been made to The RNLI - West Chilt Guides and Brownies - Queen Elizabeth II special needs school Horsham and Cruise Bereavement Care West Sussex
Our current chosen charity is CHART - The Chiltington Area Response Team. Many of you will know someone who has benefited from their good works.
New quizzers are always welcome - The night is intended to be fun and not too serious, so give it a go.

The Hamptons

We have a request from the family to see if anyone remembers the Hamptons who lived in the village some time ago. In particular Derek Hampton and his mum Gertrude (Gerti/Dodo)Hampton, who along with her sister Kathleen and Mum, Kate and Dad, Frederick, are buried in the Churchyard. If anyone has any recollections/pictures etc please contact us via the contact form and we will pass it on.

Village Show cancelled

The team have reluctantly taken the decision to cancel the normal show this year and have published this update.

West Chiltington Dramatic Society URGENT APPEAL!!!

The Society is in urgent need of a Treasurer. Our hard-working Secretary is keeping things ticking over for the time being, but we need to appoint an official Treasurer at our next AGM in February, so we're really hoping there's someone out there in our community willing to take it on to help keep our Society active.

A full description of the role is available, but briefly the Treasurer maintains the accounts of the Society, receiving payments and paying bills. At the end of the year they are responsible for preparing the annual statement of accounts (basically what we received, what we paid out and what's left) and submitting this to the elected auditor. No specialist accounting knowledge is necessary. Familiarity with spreadsheets would be useful, but not essential, and guidance is available if required.

If you think you could help, or would just like to know more without any obligation, please contact Geofrey Steward via the link on the Membership page on our website, or email him - or phone him on 01798 874932.

Thank you in advance - whoever you are!

WCDS Committee

Road Gritting cut-backs

Previously announced changes to be reversed following huge public campaign

Storrington Area Minibus

This excellent charity provides a vital service for people in the area BUT is need of more volunteer drivers and escorts. Please consider giving up a little time for this worthwhile option for those who cannot either drive themselves or use public transport. See the Transport page for more information

So what?

North Yorkshire Police getting excited on Twitter!

~"Yesterday one of our officers enforced in a community on the #A171 near #Scarborough when this vehicle was recorded travelling at 48mph in a 30mph limit. The chances of a person surviving if hit by a car at this speed is pretty slim. It's 30 for a reason so please #SlowDown.!"

Cannot see what the fuss is about - we do much better here! 60mph in our 30 limit - AND NO POLICE. Much better value for money?


A multi-billion $ US company 'NEXTDOOR' is attempting to expand its operation in the UK by sending out unsolicited letters purporting to come from local people, sometimes, apparently, without their knowledge.

NextDoor is a community 'chat' forum along the lines of Facebook, Twitter and all the others, but more locally focussed. It gives the impression of being philanthropically based, but, beware, it is almost certainly 'In the business' of harvesting email addresses and names for use in targeted advertising, from which its income derives. A few minutes spent with your favourite search engine will show you what others think of it.

There is nothing wrong with the idea. A local 'chat' arena is of great use, although the one I ran here a few years back died of starvation! That's just 'West Chiltington'.....!

You will probably have received an invitation to 'join' from a local 'recruiter'. These people somehow receive a 'reward' for 'recruiting' in the form of some sort of 'bonus points', although what one does with these 'points' I have no idea! If you do decide to join, do be aware that there is a history with similar sites, like Facebook, of the 'sale' of your data for commercial gain. There are options to 'skip' a large amount of the 'registration' detail - I suggest you use them.

Lastly, should you subsequently receive unsolicited advertising through 'NextDoor', I would suggest you de-register and ask for all your details to be removed.


Quite a few coming up in the next 3 months around us. WSCC no longer provide the information, but use a web service called 'One Network'. As far as I can see you need to register with this lot, so not nearly as useful as the old system


Telephone 'number withheld'

I, and many others, have a filter on our home phone to send all calls from such to a junk box - you know, PPI claims, 'Your accident Mr Smith', 'Your computer is infected' etc etc. I did not know until recently that if YOU are a 'withheld number' affectianado but wish to get your call through this barrier, you need to prefix the number dialled with 1470. This will send your number into the network and it is no longer 'number withheld' (for that call only).


- as performed on Brighton station by Mark Brailsford recently

Book a talk on the The Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance.

The service invites your local groups, club, society or other organisations to book a talk (free of charge) to find out more about the work of the charity.

By inviting one of their volunteer speakers to your group, you will be helping to raise awareness of our work and therefore ensuring we can be there for those who need them, now and in the future.

For more information or to book a talk, please contact them on 01622 833 833 or email them.

ABC Animal Sanctuary needs your help!

Our own local Animal Sanctuary really needs more volunteers to help with the animals.

Can you help? Please call 0770 667319 or email ABC if you can.

Mobile Phone App

'CityMapper' is nothing short of brilliant, especially if you visit London or other major cities in the world. It is available for IOS and Android. I do NOT know how the programmers have done it, but it has an amazing access (eg in London) to Buses and Bus routes+arrival times/Trains - schedules and live and planned/Tube/Taxi (including Uber) and even Boris's bicycles, plus the old 'Shank's Pony'! It even displays current travel warnings/delays. I think it is stunning and well worth a look.

The Volkswagen emissions mess

A law firm called Leigh Day are compiling a 'case' against VW for owners who have or will have lost value or economy from this. If you feel you would like to join their lists and be updated by them visit Leigh Day. I have personal experience of Leigh Day and they are extremely efficient and effective.

Attention 'Handymen/women'

I had cause again recently to require a particular bolt size for a repair and it occurred to me that many of you will not know (as I didn't at one point) of the little store tucked away on the Broomers Hill Industrial Estate. An amazing ability to source anything and everything in the fastening line and well worth a visit when the need arises. Called 'Connect2'. I have no connection with this business but post this for the benefit of those in need.

The Brownies and Guides need YOU!

Adults - PLEASE come and help us at our brownie and guide meetings. We would dearly love to open a Rainbows unit for 5-7 yrs but haven't got enough volunteers? If you would like to help, see our entry.

Compatible Printer Ink Cartridges

I have no connection other than as a very satisfied customer with Refresh Cartridges, but I thought some of you might like a 'customer report'. I have been using this company for over a year for my Canon Pixma inkjet printer, following a recommendation from a friend. In all that time I have had no issues with quality, nor has the 'threatened printer death', the printer manufacturers will frighten you with, occurred. Amazingly good quality ink, amazingly good price - and if you order before tea-time the cartridges should be in your letterbox the next morning - free delivery!


The Bereavement Support Group was started about 11 years ago by Mary-Anne Elliker, who was then one of our Community Nurses. During the course of her work she met many people who had lost a loved one. For weeks, months, even years after bereavement, isolation and loneliness can set in. When someone is at their lowest ebb, they then have to pick themselves up and start a new chapter in their life.

Often people are offered counselling, but many refuse not wanting to talk to a stranger. The Support Group is a self-help group - somewhere where people who find themselves in similar circumstances can meet up and just make contact with others, knowing that everyone present understand, to a degree, how they feel. It is not a sad group; in fact it is very cheerful which sounds odd, but we don't talk about bereavement. That is the elephant standing in the corner - we all know it's there so we have no need to mention it. Of course if someone wants to talk about anything privately with another member, that is their decision. Mary-Anne and I are always there to listen and help if we can.

It is a very casual meeting lasting about 2 hours, held once a month. We sit around and have a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake and generally have a good chat. It is a time to relax. Most months we have a speaker to give us a short talk or demonstration on any subject that might be of interest to all. In summer we go out for afternoon tea, and at Christmas we have a special lunch at a nearby pub. I also organise coach outings throughout the year and we go allover the place on day trips. It gives people who are by themselves the chance to go to various places with friends. Many lasting friendships have been made and we tend to look out for each other, offering support and advice if needed.

You can find us on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 2pm on the ground floor of the Pulborough Medical Centre. The only exceptions to this are in June and December when we go out.

Anyone who has been bereaved in any way, by the loss of a loved one, a way of life, a pet, health, etc is very welcome. It doesn't matter when this happened recently or years ago. You don't need to be referred by a doctor or nurse, although many are - just turn up or leave your name and phone number at Pulborough Surgery's Reception Desk marked' For the Bereavement Support Group' and we will contact you. The first step is the most difficult, but you can be assured of a warm welcome. There is no need to feel alone; come to a meeting and make new friends.

Sue Jahan, Joint Group Leader November 2014

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