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The Pulborough Pantry

A magnificent achievement by Pulborough Parish Council and the Pulborough village wardens. Today (9/1/24) they opened the 'Pulborough Pantry', which collects unwanted food etc from shops and supermarkets and uses it to help those in need. On day 1 they had 100 people through the doors! They prevented over 160kg of food from going into landfill. The Pantry will run every Tuesday. What a success, and yet another argument for having parish wardens and a pro-active Parish Council?

A29 latest

The prospect of an early fix on the road issue is still as far away as ever. See the press release.


I try to keep this site apolitical as much as possible, but I have again reached my limit. Again I stress this is my view and not that of any of our business sponsors.

You may recall that Mr Griffith failed to answer questions I raised last year on his views on Boris Johnson and his suitablity to be PM. I have now (8th June 2023) sent 3 emails to him asking if he could tell me who in government is tasked to coordinate the government's response to the World Health Organisation's attempt to re-write the Pandemic Preparedness Treaty which would give the WHO legally binding powers to impose vaccination passports, lockdowns and more, worldwide. If you are not aware of this proposal, I would recommend finding out. However, some time ago Mr Griffith declared he would not respond to questions which were 'awkward' and accordingly he has not responded to (nor acknowledged) - the emails (from one of his constituents), which were confirmed received by him by my server. These were the emails:
"Could you please tell me who is responsible in the UK for dealing with the approval or non-approval of changes to the WHO treaties and whether we have in the UK an 'International Health Regulations Focal Point'? If so, where and who undertakes these functions?"

In my opinion this is not the action of a democratic government

Value for money?

We are all going to pay 6.9% more to fund West Sussex Police. So, do we get a PCSO for that? Apparently, no. Our PCSOs ('notional', since they look after a rather large area - Billingshurst, Shipley, Pulborough And Coldwaltham - note no mention of West Chiltington) are now being used to bolster Police numbers in other areas including Horsham. What are we paying for? PCSO


A resident informs me that they had found markings used by burglars at the end of their drive. See this. Be alert. The police have been informed, but despite a 6.9% increase in the Police precept I do not expect to see any around here!

Flood risk

I have been sent this by 'GoCompare', one of the comparison sites on the internet. I am happy to publish it, despite the advertising link, as it contains some extremely useful information on the risks of all sorts of flooding in the UK, particularly important due to our changing climate. In the village it can be seen that the main threat is (obviously) surface water flooding from the Chilt as the Pulborough flood plains fill up.

The main page has a lot of useful information on flood prevention for properties, and if you visit the Government flood analysis map you can check a postcode.

Our MP? Did he do well?

According to the Guardian, the main advocate of a tax cut for the highest earners was Andrew Griffith, who was Boris Johnson's policy chief.

Be warned!

There are rumours that Boris is looking for a 'safe seat' to ensure he can return as PM if he loses Uxbridge. I imagine Arundel looks promising........ Rumours of Knighthoods and Peerages for those willing to sacrifice.

Lords' Environment Bill amendment

Andrew Griffith, our MP, has voted with other Conservative MPs against an amendment to severely limit the dumping by water companies of raw sewage into our rivers and coastlines. So, next time you see a lump of something nasty in the water you and your kids want to swim in or fish, who will you think of?

I have asked him why he voted against the amendment and he says the 'media' presentation of the amendment was 'inaccurate' and the vote was for an improvement in the situation - his latest newsletter says

"The Bill which I supported this week means for the first-time ever, water companies will face a legal obligation to bring forward plans to rebuild their pipes over time, gives powers for Ministers to make water companies reduce and then eliminate this over time and, critically, insists upon real time public reporting (within 60 minutes) anytime that storm overflow happens. So let us be clear, the new Environment Bill under this Government is the solution, not the problem."

As always, the 'proof of the pudding in is the...........' - better not go there! We will see. I have asked whether this new 'policy' applies ONLY to 'storm overflows' or to the thousands of other releases.

The latest report shows how successful he hasn't been........... report.The water companies made £2.8billion in combined operating profits last year while tipping sewerage into our waters. His own water company, Southern Water, performing the worst.

Sussex transport plans and government interference.

Firstly it is worth viewing the consulation paper from WSCC for transport in West Sussex.

WSCC are trying hard to look ahead. You may wish to see what problems they have had in the past, with reference to the A27 Chichester by-pass. This video last about 40 minutes, and although the sound quality varies it is well worth sticking with it to see the shenanigans our Conservative government have employed to 'protect' the Goodwood estate.

Highways England have assured us all that there will be another 'Public consultation' on routes and that the 'Northern route' will be included in the options - not happened yet.

Golf Club Machinery noise

Last year I spoke with HDC about what I considered to be 'excessive' daily early morning machine noise emanating from the Golf Club and affecting a lot of the south part of the village, and down towards Wigginholt and the outskirts of Pulborough, having been contacted by some residents. The trigger was being awakened at 06:15 on a summer Sunday morning by it - windows open, naturally, overnight. HDC told me they did speak to the club about it and it had been agreed that they would start further away from the area bounded by Monkmead Woods.

I am now concerned that with the lighter mornings we may be facing the same issue again this year - this morning, (15/3), it started just after 0700 and ran for a long time. It was audible inside a double glazed property. I have again raised the issue with HDC. Apparently the Club start work at 0600 and claim the noise is a 'necessary' part of greens maintenance. If you are bothered by it, and perhaps feel it unnecessary to start so early, it would be useful to hear from you. Could I ask you to drop me a webmail at webmail me so I can assess concerns?

If you wish to speak to HDC yourself, contact the Environmental Health team via the Council switchboard 01403 215100.

Dog Theft

There has been a lot of scare-mongering around this area from various sources about this. Whilst it is a horrendous and cruel crime, and happening in many parts of the UK, there is NO evidence of it being a particular problem here AT THIS TIME. I have been in touch with the Police via the PCSO and am pleased to say that Jo Shiner, the Chief Constable, has taken a personal interest as a dog owner and Sussex Police have now launched an initiative along with Neighbourhood Watch.

This scare-mongering is causing significant distress for some folk, and needs to stop. IF anyone has distinct evidence of any attempt at dog-theft IN THIS AREA they should report it to the Police. The Police offer this on-line facility or ask you to ring 101. HOWEVER, whilst dog theft unfortunately has yet to be recognised in this country as a 'crime' (efforts are in hand to do so) remember that it is 'THEFT' and can involve a physical attack on someone. and as such IS a crime. AS SUCH I suggest you would be justified in ringing 999 if you are being threatened.

I have seen locally 'evidence' of 'supposed' attempts at 'dog theft' being 'passed on' in some way or another but without any apparent attempt to inform the police, who need as much information as possible. Don't just gossip about it or it will not be stopped!

If you wish to communicate at any time via Twitter, the Sussex Police Rural Crime Team ask you to quote #opcollar when you post.

The RSPCA has issued some useful advice for pet owners


First sighting Monday 20/1/20 in the afternoon eastbound on Monkmead Lane. Watch out for the 'Gilets jaune' and let's hope they manage to reduce the ridiculous speeds we see in our village. HOWEVER!! They would really like you to join the group. If you think it is worthwhile and can spare some time here and there, please contact the co-ordinator via email or by phone on 07879 622242.

Sussex's Police Chief Constable - no control over his force? Little wonder we don't see them!

In response to an FOI request I made I have been informed that Sussex Police do not have any records of where or when his forces have been deployed. This cannot be right, since any investigation would surely need to be able to show attendance at any particular occurrence? Is this an efficient use of his limited resources?

Is this what we pay our Council Tax for?

The demise of policing in the UK, and particularly in Sussex

The 101 Service and Operation Crackdown

Based on replies I have received from the Chief Constable and the Traffic Police department it is now clearly apparent that the Police Force is unable to function adequately - in Sussex, at least - and by observation over most of the UK too.

I informed the Chief Constable that the 101 service (non-emergency calls) was badly broken - I had to give up waiting for an answer after over 25 minutes. The reply indicated that this was a manpower issue - my highlighting:

"Please accept my apologies that you felt let down by the service provided by Sussex Police. I have investigated your complaint that you had a 20 minute wait to get through to an investigator when you called 101.

We are aware that our staffing levels are not as they should be due to a number of our staff having recently either moved to become Police Officers, moved to different internal positions or left the organisation.We are working to return to a full complement of staff, but this will take some time due to the depth of training required. We have a rolling programme of new staff undertaking this training programme over the next year. Additionally, we are streamlining our processes and procedures, as well as developing our alternative online-reporting system, which will save members of the public from having to call 101. I have been informed that Operation Crackdown will be responding to you in reference to your concerns about their service.

This is good news for Sussex Police and the communities that we serve. I hope that this will give the public confidence in the 101 service."

This, reading between the widely spaced lines, means not enough resources - which we all know.

Regarding Operation Crackdown, you will see on this site elsewhere that I can sadly no longer endorse this system as a way of reporting dangerous or inconsiderate driving. The only option will be a call to 999 if the event is serious enough. This again is due to the lack of resources that can be allocated to Operation Crackdown.

It is to be hoped that a strong complaint has been raised by our Chief Constable over the lack of resources, although it has to be borne in mind that indicating 'difficulty' in running an organisation to one's superiors can be somewhat career limiting. I well recall the reluctance of struggling RAF Station Commanders to raise such issues. Then, when the station manages somehow to pull out a satisfactory assessment at the annual evaluation, the response of the 'superiors' was to further cut 'resources' due to the fact that the station was obviously 'coping' with existing resources!

Traffic speed checks

A series of emails back and forth with a very helpful Traffic Police Sergeant tells me:

"You are correct in that our resources are limited and geographically villages such as West Chiltington can be problematic for officers to regularly get to especially given the other demands that are placed on them."

To his credit he has managed, despite some major difficulties, to visit himself and he confirms:

"The other issue with average checks is that it identifies an 'average speed' and some vehicles have to be going much faster than others for an average speed to be high. There were some very fast vehicles when I completed the average check in West Chiltington and this is being fed back to the local and roads policing teams. On the day that I attended the fastest speed recorded was 50 mph and the slowest was 20 mph so you can see the difference in the speeds collected."

Note his views on the use of 'average checks' - which the Parish Council find 'satisfactory' - and note we have 'official' data showing speeds of 55mph + on our roads during the April survey (and the previous survey in 2008).

He has assured me that he is making every effort with his limited 'resources' to attend West Chiltington more regularly, which is encouraging, but does highlight the problem the Police are facing with the cuts that are being made.

Operation Crackdown

I have long been a strong advocate for using this to report inconsiderate or dangerous driving, particularly on our unregulated West Chiltington roads. Recently reports have been returned as 'not able to process'. Following a reply from the organisation it has been made clear that unless FULL information can be reported, the system will reject your report. Basically it seems that submission of a COMPLETE registration number + model and make of the offending vehicle is required. It is NOT clear on the website that without this the report will not be processed.

This is all they say on the site:

About the incident - we will ask you for:

The problem many of us have is that there is often an initial element of 'shock' when an occurrence takes place. This can cause us to fail to note clearly the full number of the vehicle, particularly when as I have been, you may be still recovering from an avoidance manoeuvre, and identifying the particular model of a vehicle is, I'm sure, beyond many of us - including, I would guess, the Chief Constable! Add to this the need to get to a suitable computer to raise the report, remembering, of course, the full details exactly. I would have hoped that with the resources available at DVLA there could be an attempt to put together the partially recalled number - and colour of the vehicle - to establish identity. It seems that 'resources' do not permit this.

This was the reply I received to my complaint about my latest report:

"I have now had an opportunity to review the report that you have submitted concerning the high speed driver who overtook you at an estimated 50+ MPH. Unfortunately, the report was closed as you were unable to provide a registration number or make of vehicle.

Reports to Op Crackdown must have the registration number and preferably then make of e=vehicle (sic) so that we can identify the registered keeper of the vehicle concerned."

It should be noted that I did give the first letter and last three letters of the number plate but it appears that despite the enormous database held by DVLA it was 'not possible' to identify a white pick-up truck with those registration letters. Amazing. I wonder how many there are with that combination? Regrettably the other witness - who was nearly hit by the overtaking vehicle - also failed to recall the necessary detail, and I still do not know (and doubt) if anyone ever actually contacted him.

Therefore, I reluctantly suggest that you do not bother with wasting everyone's time reporting under the system, unless you have total recall of detail OR, of course, a dash-cam.

Village traffic speeds

I see from the Parish Council newsletter that 300 vehicles a day passing your house at over 35mph - with some over 55 mph - is of no concern and for some reason the fact that the AVERAGE traffic speed exceeds 30mph (the 'limit') is to be lauded. Oh yes! That's a sensible approach?

I believe the 'rogue' 30mph speed signs they talk about are actually those put in place by the Traffic Police (with whom I have been in contact) prior (hopefully, and resources permitting) to a renewed schedule of visiting our roads to try and enforce the speed limit. A warning to any residents who happily exceed the speed limit that they might re-consider and set an example to other motorists. On previous Traffic Police visits around 60-70% of the speeding tickets have been issued to residents.

Hopefully we can make a serious effort to reduce traffic speeds before a serious accident occurs.


The results of the April 2018 speed survey conducted by WSCC make frightening reading. Over 300 vehicles a day passing YOUR door at over 35mph - in a 30 limit - and some exceeding 55mph. One of the most frightening is the result from the Common Hill survey taken just north of Morris Way which shows the same exceedences, and the idea of traffic travelling at over 55mph approaching the difficult junction by the garage is not a comfortable thought.

I have asked the Parish Council if they are concerned....they have not been in the past. The Parish Council's response is to show residents the data at the Village Show and ask for comment. They seem bent on Traffic Calming measures which would not be popular, and would be EXTREMELY expensive in view of the number of roads where speeding is a problem and have made no mention of asking the Police to do actually something in return for the Police Council Tax precept we all pay!

The reaction of the authorities and the PC appears to be that it is only the average speeds that are a problem - so the odd vehicle travelling at 80mph would not affect the average by more than a decimal point, so that's ok, then? I am awaiting a response from the Chief Constable to the speed surveys and what the police might do about speeding, and he seems to be finding it difficult to provide an answer. What he probably should say is that the Police budget cannot support ANY policing for West Chiltington, but that would be a career stopper, I guess. The Police Commissioner has already replied "However the points which you've raised in your email (I asked why the police were not enforcing) specifically relates (sic) to an operational procedure which does not fall within the remit of the Commissioner." Makes you wonder why we pay her salary!

If there is no enforcement action coming, perhaps we could all 'calm traffic' by careful parking of vehicles on our roads? Parking so as not to cause a danger to anyone but just to slow the traffic down would be a very cheap solution. NB IF you are going to 'alternate park', make sure there is room for emergency services and lorries/busses to pass through.

We are still no further on than this post from 2010:

TRAFFIC SPEEDS - no speed limits in the village?

IF there were enough police to enforce the speed limits in Sussex, I have come across this guidance from ACPO to police forces on the handling of those who breach speed limits. As you will see, anything above 34 in a 30 limit SHOULD result in a fixed penalty notice or speed awareness course.

I always understood the 'tolerance' used was 10% to allow for speedo errors, but it appears to be only 2mph up to the 70 limit.

Following the disclosure by Sussex Police that they do not have the resources to conduct speed checks in the village, the lack of interest from the Parish Council and the community, I can report that traffic speeds have increased significantly of late and the average on Monkmead Lane and Harborough Hill must now be between 40 and 50, with some estimated at 50+. We have to assume this is what the community wants, and since something like 70% of previous police 'speed' tickets issued here were to residents, I think this is likely. Mill Hill has seen a satisfactory increase in traffic speeds too. Looking on the positive side, this all means that any increase in traffic through the village due to future Storrington restrictions will actually bother us less since it will pass through more quickly....

It is well to remind those on foot or cycle or trying to pull out from driveways to be extra careful - we don't want an accident, since then the police may then raise our priority for attendance and residents will be booked again.

I have some news on the policing situation for all. I have spent some time talking to various parts of Sussex Police. The situation the Traffic Department are faced with is that the cuts to Police funding by the current government have been so severe (with more to come!) that they, as well as other parts of the force, are really struggling.

It now appears that in order to gain 'the attention' of the speed monitoring units, a road or roads need to have a collision or injury record or it is very unlikely that resources will allow attendance. Ironically, then, we need to have an accident with possible death or injury in order to get some sort of police attention - in order to prevent an accident with possible death or injury - make sense?

So there it is - we will hopefully be very unlikely to see any police speed activity here. It is 'open market' for speeders on our roads - keep your wits about you and hope for your safety and the safety of our kids, pets and the elderly - so.......... What does this mean for West Chiltington? It means that all and sundry are now able to drive on our roads at whatever speed they wish with very little fear of being caught or even reported, making us a very attractive 'cut through'.

Before I again mention 'Community Speedwatch' (in case there are ANY concerned residents) it is now apparent that the huge focus on Community Speedwatch schemes is probably a necessary part of a government policy to take the load away from the under-funded police and pass it to DC's 'Big Society' (remember that?). Whilst no prosecutions can derive from these schemes, the reported 'offenders' will give police a little 'inside knowledge' of how things stand locally. Many areas across the UK and around us now have active and successful groups.

Anyone interested in trying to reduce the excessive speeds on our village roads? The latest (2018) survey produced many vehicles travelling at over 50mph and a top recorded speed of over 60mph for a few vehicles. Remember that as Storrington strives to divert more and more of its traffic, our lanes will pick up a lot of it. The Parish Council have done very little about traffic speeds over the years and now appear to be relying on the 'Neighbourhood Plan' to produce some magic solution. 'Speedwatch' is a police organised community initiative active in many villages and towns, somewhat updated from the previous community 'SID' scheme. This scheme now uses police provided radar guns, and when details of excessive speeds are given to the police, action is taken by them to write to or visit the driver concerned. You can read more about the scheme here Speedwatch. If you look at the scrolling side panel you will see that, as an example, between 13th and 17th January 2014 the police issued 79 letters on behalf of Storrington Speedwatch - it does work. The scheme also traps those who should not be driving - for whatever reason. From the results of other groups, the primary speed offenders appear to be mums on school runs, 'white-van-man' and pick-ups towing trailers - other 'offenders' are available, of course..........

If you would like to join a group here, please use the website Contact form and I can put you in touch with a very few like-minded others.


Don't forget - you can report anti-social behaviour, including bad driving, to the police direct at Operation Crackdown. HOWEVER - as you will see on this page you may be wasting your time!

Report Potholes

There are still lots of potholes in the road! You can report them on-line here

Broadband - new policy review

Announced 23rd July 2018 is the news of the government review into future broadband provision, known as the 'Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review (FTIR)' and it would appear that the pace of change is hotting up. Primarily the move will be ultimately to drop ALL copper telephone lines, transferring normal 'voice' communications to fibre broadband based. This is a massive undertaking and will, of course, require back-up power provision for all users. An interesting and progressive review, which raises significant doubts over implementation for reasons of cost and commercial interests. The key points are:

The state of UK communications

According to this article, over 1 million homes and businesses in the UK are without a 'decent' broadband connection and only three-quarters (76 per cent) of the UK has mobile telephone call coverage from all operators, while only 70 per cent has a mobile data service from all four operators.

The so-called 'Universal Service Commitment' of a guaranteed 10Mbps for all by 2020 has been confirmed by HMG and the responsibility for implementation lies with OfCom.

Some queries over HOW it is to be done and whether BT will 'play ball' with HMG but it seems that HMG WILL press ahead with the '10Mb USO' with the following provisos:

. the minimum speed of connection can be increased over time as consumers' connectivity requirements evolve;
. it provides for greater enforcement to help ensure households and businesses do get connected
. the scheme will maximise the provision of fixed line connections in the hardest to reach areas.
. places a legal requirement for high speed broadband to be provided to anyone requesting it, subject to a cost threshold (in the same way the universal service right to a land-line telephone works)

The Chancellor has been making vague 'promises' about improving full-fibre access in the UK but without any details on funding or method. Of interest, the 'State' dinosaur, BT, is reported by INCA in 'The Register' as significantly under-performing on full-fibre access compared to the 'independent' firms like Gigaclear, CityFibre, Hyperoptic and others.

The Broadband desert

The so-called 'Universal Service Commitment' of a guaranteed 10Mbps for all by 2020 has been confirmed by HMG and the responsibility for implementation lies with OfCom.

Some queries over HOW it is to be done and whether BT will 'play ball' with HMG but it seems that HMG WILL press ahead with the '10Mb USO' with the following provisos:

. the minimum speed of connection can be increased over time as consumers' connectivity requirements evolve;
. it provides for greater enforcement to help ensure households and businesses do get connected
. the scheme will maximise the provision of fixed line connections in the hardest to reach areas.
. places a legal requirement for high speed broadband to be provided to anyone requesting it, subject to a cost threshold (in the same way the universal service right to a landline telephone works)

Keep up to date with the latest improvements in broadband at the Broadband page.

NB For those Twitter lovers, Openreach have now launched their own page at Openreach where you should be able to find answers to some of your questions.

Beware Burglars' signs

A few folk in the village have spotted markings near properties. The markings are known to be placed by criminals to indicate the 'suitability' of a propery for burglary. There was an article in the Daily Express back in August with this selection of markings -
The police advice is to let them know if you see any near your property and then remove the signs. I doubt that the police have enough resources with the on-going cuts to actually do anything, but it could be useful intelligence for them.

Don't chuck it away! - New 'REPAIR SHOP'

Thanks to 'Sussex Green Living' and 'Horsham Quakers' a new facility is opening in Horsham. If you take along a broken 'what-ever' - for example a toaster, hair-dryer or computer, a team of volunteers will be there to help you learn how to fix it! Starting on the 7th October, and then on the first Saturday of every month between 10 and 12:30 at the Quaker Meeting House, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL, this is the first of its kind in West Sussex. There is a website here.

'Alabama Rot'

This disease (commonly called 'Alabama Rot' - but more correctly Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy - 'CRGV') first surfaced in the UK in the New Forest area late 2012, I believe, and appears to have spread across the country, possibly as far north as the Borders. 'Alabama Rot' is in fact a different disease and affected only greyhounds, and in the USA - in Alabama.

The latest case, the first in our area, has been confirmed by the vets but it is important to stress that this does not mean the infection is in the village, or in any particular location, since most dogs are exercised in several locations and for all we know the dog could have contracted the disease anywhere.

However, it is also important that owners should be alert to the symptoms. It appears that the first signs which are typical of a CRGV infection are lesions in various locations. If the disease then develops it can often lead to renal failure.

If you have any doubt about a lesion you should take your dog to the vet, who can start the process of monitoring for kidney problems. As with all kidney problems, the sooner treatment is begun the better the prognosis.

It should be stressed that not much is known about the disease and thus treatment is difficult. Hence the advice to act quickly. If kidney failure does set in the prognosis has been poor up to now. Washing your dogs feet after a walk has been suggested and can do no harm, but is by no means 'guaranteed' as a preventative.

Research on CRGV is being led by Anderson Moore Vets. This is a link to a map of confirmed CRGV cases, and to help you, this site has images of typical lesions. I have been told that lesions around the mouth area are particularly of concern.

The message is 'Don't Panic' but be alert - contact your vet if you are concerned about a lesion on your dog.

Before and after - a happy tale!

Sold by a resident in 1956, this car, a 'Trojan', built in 1924 has been lovingly restored and now looks a little better!

Internet Warning

If you are one of those terribly modern folk with an internet-connected appliance, be it a Kettle, Webcam, Baby-alarm, Electric Back-Scratchers or whatever, BE AWARE that the latest attack which brought down major sites last week was ably assisted by all of you who have NOT changed the default password and username of your kit. Kettles and washing machines across the world, accessible to the hackers through these errors, were enlisted to take part in the 'Denial of Service' attack. This also applies to ANYTHING connected to the internet where usernames and passwords are still set at 'default', including your router and any wifi equipment.

Initial reports indicate that the attack was part of a genre of DDoS that infects Internet of Things devices (think webcams, DVRs, routers, toasters, baby alarms, kettles etc.) all over the world with malware. Once infected, those Internet-connected devices become part of a botnet army, driving malicious traffic toward a given target. The source code for one of these types of botnets, called Mirai, was recently released to the public, leading to speculation that more Mirai-based DDoS attacks might crop up. Dyn said on Friday evening that the security firms Flashpoint and cloud services provider Akamai detected Mirai bots driving much, but not necessarily all, of the traffic in the attacks.

Did you take part?

New Waste Site opening hours - LATEST CHANGES

Most sites are experiencing severe road congestion. WSCC are making the following changes:

WSCC are implementing a booking system at all West Sussex sites (including Billingshurst) which will help reduce the impact on nearby highways, businesses and residents.

From Monday 12th February 2024 residents planning to visit these sites will need to pre-book their slot in advance, either online or by telephone. The trial is designed to allow residents to safely dispose of their recycling and waste, limit their waiting times at these sites and help reduce traffic disruption. When live, slots can be booked up to 14 days in advance and residents will be able to make 5 visits in a month.


The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) Mobile

TPS has now partnered with Ofcom in the UK to launch a "text-to-register" service that adds your mobile phone number to an official "do not call" database. It's illegal in the UK for organisations to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to any number registered in the TPS database (unless of course they have consent).

Ofcom said only 40 per cent of Brits are familiar with the TPS and that they can add their mobile numbers to the TPS database for free. However, 88 per cent of Brits have realised they can register landline phone numbers. Only 3 per cent of mobile phone numbers (about 2.9 million) are therefore registered in the TPS database, compared to 18.5 million landline numbers. Ofcom wants to raise awareness, so it's introduced an easy text-to-register process with the TPS. And this is how you can ensure you block nuisance calls.

How does 'text-to-register' work? To register your mobile phone number in the TPS database, text TPS and your email address to the shortcode 78070. You should receive a text reply from the TPS that confirms your mobile number has been added to its database.

Do the nuisance calls stop immediately? You should notice a "gradual reduction in unsolicited sales and marketing voice calls after a few days", according to Ofcom. But it can take up to 28 days for the service to become fully effective. A study commissioned by Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office found mobile phone customers registered with the TPS saw a 31 per cent reduction in nuisance calls.

Will registering stop spam text messages? No. Registering with the TPS does not prevent spam text messages. You can report spam texts to your mobile network operator however by simply forwarding the text to the shortcode 7726.

Are there other ways to stop nuisance calls? Ofcom has offered some tips that could also help prevent you from receiving nuisance calls in the future. Be careful who you give your contact details to, for instance, and be sure to look carefully at any marketing "opt-in" and "opt-out" boxes in small print. Also, ask your phone provider to see what privacy services are available such as a call-blocker service. You can also make a complaint about nuisance calls to the Information Commissioner's Office.


Charging your electric vehicle

This map for the UK has just been published for those who have 'gone electric'

Contacting the right person at Horsham District/West Sussex Council

For a long time I have been frustrated trying to find the right department or to get the switchboard to connect me to the appropriate person for my query in the spider's web of HDC. I have just discovered an email address which seems to work for this sort of problem. Have your say. If you raise the issue there it is addressed by a 'Complaints & Information Officer' who will find the appropriate department for you. For county, whose switchboard never seem to know who does what at County Hall......... WSCC have this page where you can contact them. Using these contact methods saves many minutes of annoying 'holding'/being passed around different departments/ 'xxx is not at their desk right now' etc.

Nyetimber Copse on the web!

Nyetimber Copse which lies between Nyetimber Lane and Common Hill, has launched its own residents' websites - Nyetimber Copse.

Latest release by A88A

This is worth watching, especially those who walk their dogs on 'Dog Poo Common', aka The Warren - brilliant but with a clear message.

Improve your village

Is there a footpath you walk on a regular basis? Would you be interested in adopting a section and just reporting any problems associated with that section.

For more information you can contact the clerk at Clerk.