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Village History - DVD

'West Chiltington, a village with a past and a future'

What an appropriate description for this thriving community.

As well as a great future to look forward to, it has a fascinating past. A Saxon village with a Norman church, connections to Cromwell, Anne of Cleeves and more recently Norman Wisdom, there is a wealth of historical interest in the village.

The local museum, in conjunction with the Parish Council, has commissioned Take One Production - a local video production company, to produce a programme capturing the memories of some of the long-standing parishioners, most of whom were born and bred in the village. The programme features an absorbing collection of reminiscences that will really bring the history of the village to life. 'Starring roles' feature Pam Warren, Reg Slater, Jim Green and Maurice Ayling. They grew up in the village and three of them still live there. They can trace their families back over the generations - some as far back as the 1700's!

The DVD can be purchased from the Parish Council website.