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Here is a summary of the results so far, updated 22 August. More reports please! If you have taken HSB on the exchange please send in your details. Please use the FTTC form

Traffic and speed

Don't forget OPERATION CRACKDOWN for reporting any 'anti-social' or dangerous activities, including speeding traffic - IT WORKS!

The WCNPC are putting together proposals which will be included in the distribution for the public consultation on the Plan, expected in September.

There is a little history/background to the issues. More here. I have contacted Sussex Police and Police interest has been 're-vitalised'. It STILL appears, however, from the total lack of response to the topic, that no-one has any concerns in the village! The problem is likely to worsen, as Storrington looks set to divert the 'high-emissions' traffic via the A29 and Pulborough and I suspect will have some other form of traffic restrictions in due course for normal traffic, all of which will probably push even more traffic through the village.

If anyone has views on this, please use the 'contact us' form to say, so we can assess what you all want.

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